Will v. 5.9 raelly fix the Defence+ problem?

Hi you all that have got v. 5.9 in your hands. Did this version fix the problem with 5.8 where Defence+ is silently deactivated and inopative?

there is only one person that i know of that has 5.9

Dont worry Guys 5.9 stable is going to be released soon according to egemen they fixed as much bugs as possible and is supposed to be released by 30th but could be delayed if they find more critical bugs

Thanks for the information, it would be nice to get D+ and sandbox work again.

This is news to me in that I’ve never had any problems with Defense+ on my Win 7 64 over the last 1 1/2 years nor with my Vista computer in almost 3 years of Malware-free computing with Comodo so I would expect that v5.9 will do an equally great if not greater job of protecting my computers after a horrible year of the very incompetent Norton Internet Security allowing my computer not only to be infected with Malware, but also allowed the HOSTS file to become corrupted on 2 different occasions which eventually led to my Vista computer to crash for the first, last and only time…Thanks NIS.


Did I read “stable” no Beta and RC unlike what used to be before ???

I never had the problem were D+ silently went inoperative. Seemed to work fine for me. And, is 5.9 going to fix the problem were comodo blocks safe programs?

5.9 is supposed to be released tomorrow so lets just wait and see what bugs are fixed

hello, am i allowed to ask about ETA of CIS version 5.9 ? thank you for a great product, :-TU

Still waiting here for 5.9…perhaps they decided to postpone… :-\

Why isn’t it in the beta section?

cuz there is no beta version.

Seems like They haven’t released it quite yet. We’ll wait and see.

Its 30th n still no sign of 5.9 :frowning: :frowning: when is the estimate for its release now

i think when egemen (lead developer of cis) said the 30th he actually said the end of the month and it was probably just an estimate. comodo never gives specific dates for releases. it still could be released this week. if not probably next week at the latest but this is just a guess

Stop it. It’s better late than buggy! Or maybe you like to constantly redownload fixed updates every hour? In a hurry these kind of bugs can appear when something is missed and messed up in this hurry.

its the first time i hear about 5.9…

hey egemen… its time to drop the bomb!!! with 5.9 fixing the url blocker :smiley:

waiting for the release…