will time machine make imaging sw needless?

Sorry for that - “bite my tongue” is an English expression that means you want to say something but you are stopping yourself from doing so.

I’d love to disclose details from my experience with CTM but we have promised not to, until it is released for public testing.

I’d really like to tell you all but I can’t. :-[

But it’s good. Incredibly good!!!

Ewen :slight_smile:

hehe ;D yes its very good. :wink:


Thanks for explaining :slight_smile:
…and for the expression explanation :-TU …on-line dictionary i use doesn’t have this.

C’mon man… Leek it like you leeked the Ashes! ;D

Seems Kyle is “somehow” in on this group. ???

(Not surprising though. :P)

My only response would be a leak from a great height! >:-D

I can’t until we’re told it’s OK to release details.