Will there be a simple firewall version for Windows 8?

I just need a simple firewall that can block some applications from making any requests, both incoming and outgoing. I do not need the entire CIS suite which has become quite bloatware. I would be OK with the built-in Win8 firewall except that I don’t understand why applications can add their own rules to the firewall without the user’s approval (yes, you get the UAC prompt to allow the apps to install but then they sneak in the firewall rules too at the same time and I’m sure if the app runs some privileged services they can go in and “fix” the rules if I remove them/change them).

I miss the days of good light weight firewalls that simply monitor network traffic. I don’t want to install the entire CIS and turn off D+ and anti-virus, I don’t see the point. These “suites” should be released as modules where the user has the option to pick and choose at install time which parts to install.

Any other recommendations for a simple firewall that works well with Windows 8?

You could always install version 5.12 and use the customize installer options in order to not install the AV.

You will however, need to disable Defense+ if you do not wish to use it.

From what I read 5.12 has issues with Windows 8.

It worked on my Win 8 (currently running v6 beta2 though).

Just give 5.12 a go.

I’ve been running 5.12 for some time on my Windows 8 system, works great. (Windows Defender, D+ off and no AV part).

Does v6 still allow to enable the firewall only, without D+ or a/v?