Will the user be alerted of the firewall going into the emergency mode?

The help file says that if the firewall detects a DOS attack it will go into emergency mode. Will the firewall let the user know of this automatic switch? Maybe a popup or a balloon message?

Having never experienced it or come accross anyone who has it`s a good question.
The only thing i can pick up is this line mentioning alerting you.

Comodo Firewall detects the most common forms of port scans, alerting you and temporarily blocking the banning the IP address of the scanner, ensuring that they are “cut off” before they can discover any useful information about your system.


A related question:

Am I getting hacked? Being brutally forced entry by another user? Why I am asking because under the text is a print screen of the history of my firewall events. I just want to clarify with someone if I am thanks.


Thanks for the reply, Matt. But I don’t think that really addresses my query. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t a port scan different from a DOS attack? The help file speaks of an alert only in case of a port scan and not in case of a DOS attack.

Could you start your own topic in this section of the boards? This way your problem will get the attention it deserves.

If there are too many portscans happening at the same time it can make a DDOS attack