Will the new CFP3 outdate BOCleaner?

This might be a dumb question, but will the new CFP3 remove the need to have BOCleaner?

let me explain

You need a layered security approach… just like we have in the physical world with our houses…
we have doors, for prevention
we have burglar alarms, for detection
we have insurance, for cure

we need all three in our computers

todate, the industry has been doing detection only without prevention… this is like having houses with no doors but burglar alarms… yep…doesn’t make sense…

v3 will bring the Prevention layer in… however, just like no door is 100%, hence we have detection.

of course with v3 the security landscape will change forever and the first line of defense will be Prevention and not Detection like it is today. Detection will be needed, but as a second line defense only. With this, you will see improvements in the speed of your security software too.



A simple yet a very effective analogy.

Thanks for the superb products.

Melih, Thank you very much for the prompt reply. I like Comodo products and am waiting impatiently for the new CFP3 and the Anti-virus I am using CFP 2.4, BOClean and VEngine now.