Will the comodo site translated in Russian?

Will the comodo site “www.comodo.com” translated in Russian?

Here we have localized forum

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I know that here we have the russian forum. I asked about the website about products COMODO www.comodo.com
Will be the site translated in Russian?

Not to be horrible or blunt but no.

Hi patrice58,

Why would you say so, when the question is about a future (“will be…?”)
Why you are so certain that it will not happen ???

Another thing is that some translated parts already exist and Dmitri knows that better than anybody else :wink:
His question is about whole site.

Having Comodo developers over there - in Ukraine and Russia and not having translated site sounds kinda strange

My regards

p.s. Such Russian security products as Dr. Web and Outpost (Agnitum) do have sites in English (and some other languages)
EMSI don’t have neither Russian nor Ukrainian translated sites yet despite they have developers in those countries as well. But I think they will have the site translated into those languages.

Actually that is always beneficial having sites in as many languages as possible irrespectively.
Let’s hope Comodo will do that in the future