Will or is comodo cis be in stores?

Recent events only galvanise my feelings towards NOT using a credit card linked to anything personal online. Yet I want to help support commodo. And be in compliance with any services or guarantees that can be given.

Is there a store that may stock the best version of cis currently available? not these premium,pro or other rehashings of the same software? Would this be called cis complete?

Maybe even a comodo gift card? This may prevent older versions being sold, or thrown out. And yet still offer a more secure payment method.


I’m sure there are other places…

micro center



pazsion, dont buy a security program, if you will have your usual problems with that, you make yourself unhappy. and you will end in argumenting about refunds, and guaranties even more.

you dont get magically better protection for more money. you dont have to buy comodo, to be better protected. just look what you were doing wrong for over a year now (thats the time you are telling in this forum about the problems you have). why you get infected or having problems all the time… while others simply dont.

He said …“I want to help support comodo.”…in other words he’s very happy with it and he’s devoted to it and wants to give back. It’s kind of nice.
Someday I will buy it for the same reasons, not because I think I will be better protected if I buy the full version.

at BoredNow
you missed the additional information about the intention which i marked now in the quotation.

and you missed his other posts. i dont think, that someone wants to support something, when he has the strange opinion that comodo should give him an amount of money because his computer gets “infected all day long” and gets “hacked”. (for very long now).
right as he found out, that only paying customers could get the guarante (with rules of course, about settings and behaviour), he began to ask about how to buy cis.
he still complains about the conditions of the paid extra features, as if its bad to give a designed choice. when these conditions dont fit someones interests, he is still free to choose the free package.
BUT the free package is not giving a chance for the dream of getting 500$… so he think he NEEDS the complete version, so he complains about the conditions …
get it? :smiley:

I stand corrected… ;D

Hahaha…at getting “infected all day long”

no, bored your first post was correct. there are people, not limited to these forums, or comodo. that will continue to twist my words. And distort my intentions. And try to prevent many protection software(s) from protecting it’s users. By exploiting the software or disableing it’s protections. The truth will obvious for those that look for it. And don’t allow others to warp their perspective.

Even if i buy comodo, there is no way to claim what is promised with the attacks i have been getting and the way things are worded, it’s simply to protect comodo from being exploited in other ways, I understand this. this would also effect other users of comodo’s software and others. they are likely being prevented from getting help, or have looked elsewhere. But i won’t give in to this. Despite the words in the eula, melih and associated staff have the authority to do what they wish. And continue to protect their users and staff and honor their words when they can.

I simply want to help comodo continue the good fight. I believe melih has good intentions and continues to be on top of things in an extraordinary fashion. things will work themselves out in time. But only if people support it.

at pazsion

BoredNow looked with own eyes on your older posts. we are not stupid. no one just reads what another one says. so, you can write now 100 times, that the first post was right, it will not be true.

so you had not taken the 500$ which you were asking for very permanent in another post, to buy you a new “secure” pc? you really just want to support comodo now? read the marked passages. it does not need to turn your words. it just needs to mark them, so it becomes clear what a senseless stuff you are speaking.

BTW, you are even not able to help yourself on your own computer by using a designed product. how comes that you believe you could help those people, who made that program, with problems that also basically dont even exist per intended design?

OK guys, whether or not that is pazsions aim, there is no need to keep hounding him.

i tried to hold a mirror. it doesnt work.

its just sad to see someone running against a wall, again and again, instead of using the door.

what you might see as hounding was just the fact that many topics were made, while the thematic was turning about the same points.

at pazsion
try to have fun with your computer, and let it have usefullness for you. its an invention with a lot of benefit. you will never have joy when your whole world turns around nebulous threats. care about yourself, dont get lost in imagination and fear.

Pazsion. The problem with your posts are that they thrive on interpretations and sometimes wild theories alone that only tell you are being hacked and keep on being hacked. You are also not helping yourself with your unwillingness to provide detailed information when asked.

In science and other forms of organised thinking it is key to provide information to substantiate claims. Continuous failure to substantiate means the person is not willing to have his or her claims reviewed and indicates he or she is not willing to consider the fact that his or her assertions could also be wrong.

In short your abundance of theories and interpretations and continuous unwillingness to provide information when asked is resulting in a loss of credibility. Regulars are already starting to question you and I have no doubt that it will continue unless you open up and provide us with needed information.

And yes, after looking at the given information we then may refute part of your interpretations and theories. That means it is mandatory for you to be open for different views on your situation.