Will not update without user interaction

I have owned CIS for about a year, I just got the pop-up stating I have five days left till I need to renew. The issue I have has been going on since day one, basically CIS will not DL new virus definitions without user interaction. When I start the computer after it has been off for a day or so, the desktop widget allways states “At Risk” or “Needs Attention” CIS will just stupidly sit their and NOT fix the issue , all it needs to do is DL and install virus definitions. I have CIS configured with the attributes"check program updates" “Automatically DL program updates” and " check for DB updates" checked. Any other AV software I have used in the past will automatically update viri Definitions, why do I need to babysit this behemoth and tell it to do something that should be automatic.

I have been trying a new AV every year for the last eight years.


Are you using a paid version of CIS that is about to expire?

Did not find the reason, but on several computers i dont get updates as well.
In the windows task events it says, couldnt work because of settings.

As a workaround, create a dummy text file and let comodo scan it with a schedule (daily). Mark update database before scan for that task.

This “update” only works if the computer is on while that.