Will not install with a WindowsBlinds skin active

Tried to install Comodo’s new firewall/antivirus package, and it kept shutting down after the unzip.

Finally figured it out: It installed correctly after switching to Aero from a WindowsBlinds skin.

Which sorta makes sense, since Comodo’s install package, just like their firewall, uses a custom skin.

Thanks, I never would have thought of that. It really is stupid to force users to change their other software just to install. That’s one thing I’ll need to add to the wishlist. “STOP using a custom skin that doesn’t work with windowblinds!”

That would be a security breach. You would allow Windowblinds to change the appearance of Comodo windows. Someone malicious could misuse that to fool the user and do harm. That is not goint to happen.
What is more important: Fancy window looks or security?