Will my own rule in global rules override the default ones?

Can someone please explain to me how this works? in the stealth mode wizard on the firewall, I selected the second option. Then I created a rule of my own which is suppose to block incoming inbound connections and I placed it all the way at the bottom below the other rules. Will the rule I just created prevent my firewall from alerting me that someone or something is trying to connect to my computer? if so, should I have just not created the rule that I did? The rule was as follows:

Action: Block
Protocol: IP
Direction: In
Source address: any
Destination address: any
IP details: any

If you add a Global block rule without logging, unsolicited inbound connections will be silently discarded. If you enable logging on the block rule, the connections will be logged. If you want to receive alerts, remove the block. I’m guessing your rules look something like those in the image?

[attachment deleted by admin]

yes, that is exactly how it looks with my rule at the bottom. So, should I delete my rule if I want to recieve any alerts or is there anyway to receive alerts even with the rule I have.

The only way to receive alerts is by removing the rule. Out of interest, are you behind a router?

I’m pretty sure I am. It’s a Cisco router. I will go ahead and remove the rule I created. The only reason why I added it was because I saw that someone who was setting up a utorrent and that is what they were told to do(I, myself am not going to run a utorrent, nor do I want to) It will be great to be alerted to connections again, but why do I never get alerted to incoming inbound connections? it says that my firewall blocked connections, but it always says 0 inbound connections blocked.

Speaking of my router and not seeing any inbound connection attempts blocked, everytime I go to grc.com to test my security, I always see my ports as stealth which is what I want to see. I then tried to test to see how good my firewall was at blocking and I am not talking about the leaktest. I’m talking about where they send packets to your computer and your firewall is suppose to detect them and let you know. The only problem is, I think my router might be stopping the pings from reaching the firewall which I wish to temporary disallow so I can see better results, but the problem is, I don’t know how to change my router settings to allow me to do this without risking screwing up my router completely. Do you think maybe you can help me with this?

If you’re behind a correctly configured router with a reasonable firewall, you’re not really going to see any direct ‘attacks’ against the firewall, because your router is intercepting the connections. Likewise, when you run scan tests like those offered by GRC, they’re testing the router ports, not the software firewall in CIS

If you really want to explicitly test the CIS firewall, either connect the PC directly to the Internet, or place the PC in the router DMZ. What’s the make and model, you said Cisco, is it a Cisco Linksys?

it’s a cisco Linksys E 1000

Check page 19 of the manual for information about using the DMZ.

There’s only one problem, I don’t think I have the manual for the router anymore.