Will KB976002 cause problems for European Economic Area users of CIS?

Noone seems to have asked this (if they have, I’m sorry for raising it again).
On the “Miscellaneous” Tab in CIS, when you click on “Check for Updates”, the popup says “Updater uses Internet Explorer’s Internet Connection settings to deliver your updates”.
Will CIS be affected by KB976002 which was released 23 Feb 2010?

I am going to say no, comodo will not be affected because KB976002 only removes access to IE from the start menu, task bar, etc not completely removing IE from the system and surly not the settings. Also, the comodo updater imports the connection settings from IE which is how IE connects to the internet, like if you use a proxy server.

On a more general point of view, i have decided never to use IE.

Speaking of EEC, several decisions have been aimed at forcing Microsoft to deliver its OS independently of a particular browser.

Why should some softwares, including Comodo, infringe my personal choices and not allow me to use whatever browser i intend to use for updates?

You are going way off topic here. I seriously doubt the topic starter would be even remotely interested in this.

Please consider opening a new topic about this instead of hijacking a topic.