Will HIPS in CAVS3 be compatible with YIM?

So far CAVS2 hates YIM. It tells you “file X” is running and then freezes both CAVS and YIM. Nothing will shut them down afterwards so I am forced to pull the plug to get a restart. Hopefully this will be addressed in V3.

I assume that YIM is Yahoo’s Instant Messenger, you assume that CAVS3 will include an Intrusion Prevention System in the form of HIPS or something akin thereto.

CAVS2 HIPS and the DefencePlus (D+) component of the firewall have considerable overlap, would’nt be surprised if CAVS3 doesn’t include IP component and D+ is updated incorporate anything that HIPS did, and it (D+) doesn’t.

BTW - if you are relying on CAVS 2 as your primary malware shield then you might want to consider installing another product pending CAVS3 availability. Many of the free products afford considerably better protection than does CAVS2 - AVG and Avira are widely used and seem to enjoy a degree of respect round here. This would also solve your problem with YIM, as those products don’t include an IPS component.

The D+ component of CFP combined with Spybot’s TeaTimer component could provide you the same IP coverage as CAVS2-HIPS currently provides, and if you were minded then you could throw in AdAware’s AdWatch, the latter is payware.

CAVS 3 will have major improvements- Only one way to find out if it works with YIM, is to test the beta when it’s out :slight_smile: