Will free comodo antivirus detect spyware

Can I know the free version antivirus will detect spyware, and adware?

If I install comodo antivirus, will I still need to install BO clean? Or the comodo antivirus just have everthing?

I love the white background of comodo firewall, that is the main reason I use this, will it be a white background version antivirus come out in furture?

Thank you for answering my question.

Well COMODO antivirus is standard detection, like a regular antivirus, BOclean scans for trojans as they enter memory, having both will ensure greatest protection.

When CAVS3 (Comodo Antivirus/Spyware) is released later this year (Hopefully by the summer) it will include spyware signatures AND include BOClean technology!

So, you won’t need CBOC once CAVS3 is release. At least, that’s what I’ve read in these forums.


Its a standard AV thats in beta. The product was aimed for Prevention VS Detection. I however wouldn’t use it until the final release is out then it should be very well. Because right now the Definitions, and Detection rates for viruses are quite low, compared to other AVs free and not, and the HIPS component isn’t even fully functional. CAVS 2 can’t prevent if the HIPs doesn’t work completely, its a bug that should have been fixed long ago, I think but the way its looking is that it isn’t going to get fixed until the final release, which is probably months away.

Yes but to fix a bug that is part of the majority of the program requires a lot of time and man power. They WILL fix it.

But how safe am I using CAV? I was using AVG AV, and after reading these posts I am back there again.

I would love to use a Beta and test it out, but not if it leaves me exposed badly. I know you should not use two AV programmes at the same time, but if there was any shred of AVG AV left on my PC, running MY PC just kept crashing when I tried to use CAV 2 beta.

Sorry. I am not “attacking”. I am disappointed that I seem unable to join in the testing of a programme that will be offered free. The CA FW is great!


Honestly, and many users here can and will agree with me, CAVs currently has very low detection rates. I suggest using AVG 'till CAVS 3 comes out.

I know they will fix it, I think that HIPS should be fixed NOW though. The final release is MONTHS away and with out it working 100% you cant be at the highest peak of protection with it, and plus the definitions are terrible.

They fixed some other major bugs with CAVS and I don’t see what they didn’t just fix HIPS in 2.0. :-\ ???