will files be sent to comodo human analysis team under the following conditions

once DACS is implemented into CIS

if a file is scanned with DACS and any of the engines detect the file as unsafe, malicious, potentally unwanted program, will those results be sent to humans at the comodo malware analysis team and will the team be notified of what engine detected the file with whatever verdict it gave

Quick, Simple Answer would be No!

CIS Team cannot use the result of the scan for their own benefit, It’s to better use for the End-User(s) …

The End-User will get an alert if 1 of the engines flagged the file as malware and then the user may decide what to do;

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i asked to find out if they would get the results so that they could analyze the file for them self to confirm the verdict or mark it as safe so that they could add it to the white list or black list so that cav will know it’s self the next time cis comes across this file so it doesn’t have to do the extra step of using DACS which would give a faster scan for the future and greatly increase the strength of cav and give the user more time to do other things than scan their computer

But how user will now, if it’s not FP?
When file is send to DACS, user should receive detailed report and you should divide AV’s to different groups (those who have a lot of FP’s and those who are known to have very small amount of FP’s). Then user should be provided with percent probability of correctness of AV’s engines verdict.

I will let another moderator with more knowledge of DACS/CCE answer your questions;
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When CCE checks a file it will be first checked against the cloud and when it is unknown it will be submitted to Comodo. So, regardless of whether other scanners flag it as malware or not it is already uploaded to and getting processed by Comodo.That take out the middle man of other’s scanner’s judgment.