Will ever be shipped the v6 in the autoupdate of the v5?

I didn’t do the update manually because I’m really not in a hurry (I’m fine with the v5) and I thought if it’s not yet ready the autoupdate there must be a reason, like they are still improving the process or something else, but I start thinking it will never happen!

In your case when you are ready I would uninstall version 5 and install version 6 manually.

But why it isn’t implemented (yet)?
Also the users that don’t frequent the forum don’t even know there is a new version since almost 1 year!

cis version 6 is totally different product than cis version 5, and there is a link in this forum which can help you to update from version 5 to version 6. but cis version 6 is totally different then cis 5 so if you try to update cis through your cis version 5 then you may face some problem with it. so it is recommended that if you want to use cis version 6 than you need to uninstall cis version 5 then freshly install cis 6. after install cis 6 you will see the charm of cis version 6.

It will come although I could not tell you when… :-\