Will Deleting files under "Files To Check" affect Buffer Overflow Protection

Hello and WAHOOOOOO!!! I just downloaded 3.8.64739.471. I followed Sliso’s advice about Unchecking all of Defense + Monitoring capabilities though Checking the Buffer Overflow Protection. IT WORKED!!
Bizarre as it sounds, my PC is running FASTER than it was with the version I just uninstalled!!
A serious THANK YOU to Sliso. Brilliant suggestion. Spot on.

Now then, If I delete all 3 types of the “Files To Check” (.exe/.bat/.com), will that affect the Buffer Overflow Protection at all? I already have another Real-Time Program that checks all those file types as it is.
It also checks/protects all of the files and folders that Defense + monitors so I’m safe with them unchecked.
I eagerly await the informed response of the Comodo Community.

I would leave the filter to check in place and just disable Image Execution Control Settings. That does the same things as deleting the filters but is more elegant. Suppose in the future you change your mind about certain settings then all you have to do is to enable Image Execution Control Setting again instead of wondering what the filter were you deleted (or you may have forgotten about ).