Will Comodo support x64 Systems ?

I see in the present Comodo requirements that the system requirements are all 32 Bit Windows OSes . Will CFP support x64 Vista besides x86 version of Vista when version 3.0 of CFP is released ? I want to know because most of my known peopl in gaming forums say that 64 bit processors are way to go for new PCs etc. And ofcourse I prefer Vista x64 for a new PC that I am planning to build with a 64 vit Pentium processor. Cheers



Yes, Comodo do plan on making their products x64 compatible in the near future.

Version 3 will be Vista compatible and may be released around March / April depending.


Is these new version will be compatiblie with XP PRO x64 ???

PS: sorry for my english (V)

Hi and welcome,

I believe CFP 3 will be compatible with XP Pro x64.