Will comodo memorize my choice temporarily?

   CIS version  3.5.61373.458
* CPU 32 bit
* Operating System information: win vista sp1
  I put 'C:\Users\Will\Desktop*' into myprotectedfiles and explorer's rights to modify myprotected files is 'ask' 
 Then I try to delete a file on my desktop, comodo alerts (good it works :))

   Ok, I chose block (not remebered). It promot 'you need permission to perform this action...' (It's good till now)
  But the second time I want to delete the same file(within 1min). comodo Dose NOt alert any more. It just promot  you need permission to perform this action...'
  and 5min later again I want to delete the filed mentioned, comodo alert again.
   So I wonder if comodo will remember my choice temporarily, even I do not choose 'remember the choice'

defense+ mode : safe Firewall mode : safe

I am using an Administrator account. UAC is Disabled

CIS dies not save a rule for your answer, but it cashes the answer for the application session, otherwise alerts would popping up every second for some activities. So you need to restart the application for clearing that cashe. unfortunately in your case that application was explorer.exe which is not often restarted.