Will Comodo Help protect us from this!

I guess you know, but I just though I bring it up as well

In thinking will Comodo be ready for this >

I do think Yes that Comodo will protect! However this big computer attack will happen in 2 weeks.



Two weeks until what exactly? I find the articles quite uninformative… ???

The info, that I know, Remember the OpenSSL and heartbleed.

They say that it is going to be bigger than that, since they know OpenSSL affected systems.

Sorry the links do not tell you much Sanya IV but that is how they reported it.


According to the article at Metro:

he National Crime Agency teamed up with the FBI and other cybercrime experts to take down a criminal network’s ‘command-and-control’ – but admit they cannot keep it down for long.

Make sure you have your data folders set as Protected Objects in CIS.

For a bit more background you can read: http://www.theweek.co.uk/technology/58794/gameover-zeus-and-cryptolocker-how-to-protect-yourself .

So in blunt meaning the malware servers were active, then taken down and now it’s 2 weeks before they’ll be back up again, i.e UP, DOWN, UP … What I don’t understand is why the second UP would be all doom and gloom and end of the world? ??? Why would it be any worse than the previous UP period before the raid? Or perhaps I’m just misunderstanding the whole thing? Personally I don’t see any bigger threat than what was already present before the raid.

Thanks for updating the thread/topic ERICJH :-TU

and to what you just said

< I’m just as puzzled but I guess we will know more near the time


Bad news sells… :-\ :wink: 8)

Even my bank, is warning people of this Triple malware infection to hit

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