Will Comodo Free Firewall support Windows 10 after 29th Juli?

Hi, im new to the forum and new to Comodo Free Firewall. I just changed from Online Amor to Comodo Free Firewall because i plan to upgrade to Windows 10 at 29th Juli and Online Amor dont support Win 10 and i thought Comodo Free Firewall would support Windows 10.
But now i read into this forum its not yet officially supporting Windows 10. (However only talked about Tech-Previews)

So since 29th Juli is very close, my question is, will Comodo Free Firewall support Windows 10 after 29th Juli?

Hello bbnetwork,

Thank you for your question; and yes CIS, CAV and Comodo Firewall will support Windows 10 after 29th of Juli.

For your kind information :slight_smile:


How long after? Will it be released at the same time windows 10 is or will it be later?

Yes I would be interested into this too. Will the product support Win 10 right at 29th / 30the or how much later?


We will be supporting Win10 before 29th of June, as we are planning to make a hotfix release wtihin this week :slight_smile:

For your kind information

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What sample?

Thx for this helpful info. I am waiting for the fix.

today is friday, which means the week is almost over and Comodo Firewall does not find any updates?

Where to get the hotfix?


what does erly this week mean exactly? Also today no update available.

Hello bbnetwork,

Please wait for the following days. We are currently working on it.

For your kind attention


Please (patiently) wait for the hotfix announcement.

Honestly I’m disappointed.
On my question the first answer was u will release the fix before the 29th.
Now at the 28th, so only one day before Windows 10 will be available for download, u say wait the next days for the fix.

A company like us should have been able to keep ur words and to make ur software supporting Win 10 until 29th and not only ask the users to wait patiently.

However thx for ur time answering.

There is a serious bug maybe, this is why they cannot release it on 23rd of July.
If you want to make Comodo release this build, it will have bugs maybe and you will come here again and “***k it, it has bugs etc.”
So these things can always happen outside our plans, believe me they are trying very hard to release it. :slight_smile:

This is getting silly. Comodo are clearly working on ensuring that CIS properly supports Windows 10 and the fix will be released as soon as they’re certain that it’s reliable. Constantly asking when isn’t helpful. And in any case the sky will not fall in if you don’t upgrade to Windows 10 for a week or even two. The free upgrade is valid for a whole year…

I agree with ubuysa. There seem to a lot of people on this forum with little understanding and even less patience relating to the complexity of writing reliable security software. No doubt these people would be the first to complain if the latest update contained serious bugs becuase it had been released too soon.

Releases from Comodo has never been written in stone. It will be released when it is ready,
that is final!
Second, Windows 10 will be released tomorrow yes, but only to those testers that have registered.
Microsoft will release to the masses in stages to prevent overloading their servers. Read the news feeds and blogs written on this subject before you make any bold statements to the contrary.

Very true about Comodo releases, whenever Comodo gives a date, I assume that it’s from that date to a few weeks later. :wink:

I don’t think the release tomorrow is only for testers, why? Because they’ve sent out installation packages to those who have registered for an upgrade from a previous version, Swedish article. Of course it may still be in stages however I doubt only testers will have access to it, why? Because we testers have had 10240 for a while now and it’s seemingly the same version that they are sending out to upgraders.

So it is likely that some normal users will be getting upgraded tomorrow and those using CIS at the time of upgrade may or may not experience issues, either way the latest version of CIS actually works on Windows 10 10240, just not officially… (Although upgrading from windows x to windows 10 will likely brake CIS, recommend uninstalling before upgrade and then reinstalling) :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’d agree that users don’t need to upgrade immediately, the upgrade is free for a year, you don’t need it right at release. :wink: I’d rather have a functional CIS with no major bugs than a version of CIS with major bugs because it was rushed…

Agreed, agreed, and agreed. It amazing me that people can come in here with the attitude that they are entitled. The company is working on it and it will be when it will be. This is “Totally Free”, and excellent software provided for you if you should chose to use it. quality work takes time and testing.

There must be some major bugs in it, since the Technical Preview version of Windows 10 was released almost 9 months ago. Surely the Comodo developers are members of the Windows Insider Program and no way would they have waited until final release day to come up with a working version.