Will Comodo Firewall v3 be configured? [Resolved]

I understand that Comodo Firewall v3 is being designed to be Vista-compatible. Can it be configured to block, drop and ignore Ping (ICMP echo) requests as recommended by ShieldsUP! (Gibson Research Corporation)? Regrettably, my home PC (Windows Vista Home Basic) is connected with PROLINK Hurricane 9000C (1-port) ADSL ethernet modem, which is a basic type and cannot be configured to disable Ping requests after confirmation with the supplier. I look forward to having your favourable response soon.

It sure can, just like CFP 2.4 can.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thank you for your confirmation.

I regret that I have a little knowledge of Comodo Firewall Pro v2.4 and have not used it because it is not Vista-compatible. I intend to install Comodo Firewall v3, once available, as replacement for the built-in Windows Firewall if the software is not difficult to be configured.