Will Comodo Firewall for Mac OS X??

Will Comodo Firewall for Mac OS X?

(ru) В будущем планируете выпустить Comodo Firewall для Mac OS X?
И может счет в paypal открыть для Comodo Firewall для Mac OS X?

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I take this as a question and not a wish but I assume you want comodo to make a firewall for mac. I like the idea since mac’s webfirewall is total ■■■■

Valentin N

Mac OS X really needs to take security seriously. It has gone down the tubes for the last decade. Charlie Mills has hacked Mac OS X within minutes. It was the first OS to fall in a hacking contest. Comodo would really benefit Mac OS X. Before anybody criticize me, my wife has a MacBook Pro with OS X Lion on it, and it’s ■■■■. Yes, I know what I am talking about.

I know this topic was originally posted last year, but I wanted to chime in as I too would like to see the excellent free Comodo firewall for Mac OS X as well.

I love Comodo firewall for Windows - it’s a great product and I think Comodo’s stance on bringing free and fully functional protective software to anyone who needs it is commendable.

More over, the lack of ads, and optional paid support is great - as it gives the user the option to pay for additional help WITHOUT bugging them ever 5 mins to upgrade or pay (Example: Avira Free!)

Is there any information on whether on not this fantastic firewall will be produced for Mac OS X in the near future?