Will Comodo Firewall 3 be compatible with AVG Anti-virus Free Edition?

I am anxious to know if the new version 3 of Comodo Firewall Pro will work compatible with AVG Anti-virus Free Edition v7.5. The latter has already been Vista-compatible. I look forward to having any expert advice from a moderator.

I have the same question. I just installed > “Comodo Firewall Pro 3 Pro” and I also installed > “Comodo AntiVirus 2.0 beta”

Are these 2 compatible? Are they redundant? In general I want to protect a home computer. Should I continue to use both? if not which one will provide me the best protection?


Hi kle1003

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I have used CFP-3 and CAVS 2 Beta for several months now with no problem at all. I even have the HIPS activated on both of them with no conflict. I also have Comodo Memory Firewall ( CMF ) and Comodo Boclean installed. All are running together well and I feel like I’m very well protected.


Thanks, I appreciate the information.

  • kle1003