Will Comodo conflict???

I am a very new user to the use of firewalls…but have just installed Comodo.I am seeking opinions …why do I need a firewall?Is it imperative that I have one?
Will Comodo conflict with any of these other applications I currently have on my home pc.
Spybot search and destroy.
AdawareSe personal
Webroot spysweeper
Ewido anti malware
Kapersky Anti Virus
Spyware blaster
AVG antivirus
Diskeeper Lite
System Mechanic 6
Will any of these conflict with Comodo?Am I being to paranoid on the number of spyware …antivirus applications that I am running.?I would greatly appreciate any input …thoughts …and suggestions on this matter.

Firewalls are important to control what data is sent to and from the internet (and help block malicious data and stealth your computer from hackers) and control what applications can use the internet on your computer. You do need one to be protected.

From the list of applications you supplied the only conflict is AVG email scanner which Comodo are looking into and hopefully there will be an update soon. You can disable AVG email scanner or set CPF to allow all when receiving emails to stop this conflict until any fixes.

Hope this helps,

The short answer is yes. :slight_smile: