Will Comodo BOClean conflict with Window Defender? [resolved]

i know that more than 1 firewall installed can cause problems and more than 1 antivirus software can also cause problems,
Does Comodo BOClean work well with other anti-spyware software with realtime protection? Software like spyware terminator and window defender have realtime protection , if more than 1 antispyware software with realtime protection installed together,will there be any conflicting issue?

I have BOClean running along with window’s defender on my wife’s computer with no problems.


BOclean is designed to run alongside your current security solutions like Antivirus and Antispyware, so should work fine with Windows Defender. If you were to have problems, we are always happy to help you here on the forums. :wink:


I have used Spyware Terminator with BOClean and no conflicts.


Any conflitcs with cyberhawk.?