Will COMODO be multi Engined with DACS :\

I just have a question if COMODO’s DACS might mean it has more than one engine :-
because based on the results of CCE it says DACS.AVG and sometime DACS.F-secure so my question really is are those really F-secure and Avg engines? ???
Please answer me and if yes me and some people might have to leave COMODO not because we want to(COMODO will always be my favorite) but because COMODO might because So heavy like how Gdata, ad-aware, and Multicore(coranti) are :embarassed:
So please tell me if COMODO will be heavy or not and if yes please put an option on the installer to either install DACS or not install it
Have a good day! ;D

No. Those are real avg, gdata etc applications someone uses in real life and dacs is just linked to get scanner results, so in no way it will be slow or resource hog…
Again, it does not use those programs on your pc, but over the network just to get scanner report and then that report is delivered to you. It is so light on resources you will not even notice it is running.

DACs (distributive and collaborative scanning) in its current form checks active processes in the cloud. The file is sent to the DACs network where it is checked against antivirus software installed on contributing computers connected to the P2P network. Because all the work is done in the cloud it uses very small amounts of system resources, no more than the cloud scanner in CIS.

More info Here http://www.melih.com/2010/12/23/anti-virus-companies-are-protecting-criminals-not-anymore-thanks-to-dacs/

And theres plenty of topics already about DACs just use the search function at the top.