Will Comodo A/V (Only) Work w/XPSP1?

Been gone awhile. ;D

Have just received an older machine w/ Win XP Pro with slipstreamed Sp1 on it to suit SATA drive…
I’m in need of an free A/V with real time protection. Sadly Clam A/V doesn’t have & Avira
won’t install (no NetFramework I think). Not Supported pre SP2. Avast, also ONLY post SP2.
Will Comodo A/V function well? Any current updating issues?

Almost forgot: What’s current story on the Toolbar? Optional delete at install? Removable post install?

Thanks for your replies. Sandy :o ;D

Welcome back Kotter :wink:

Latest CIS V3 installs OK on XP SP1.

The first series of updates can be time consuming. The update will APPEAR to be stuck at 30% but its not - it just takes a while to incorporate the downloaded updates into the database. You may also have to dp a program update as well as an AV update.

There have been a couple of update hiccups lately with prior releases, but if you download the latest release, it works fine.

Toolbar?? You can opt out during the install or it can be safely and completely removed post install.

Hope this helps.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks for your thoughtfull reply, Ewen! :-TU All things considered, it sounds like a plan! :-La
Will give it a try and post back with results. :wink: Thanks again! Sandy :slight_smile:

Tried install of of current version (C.I.S.set-up 3.14.130099.587_XP etc. 43+Megs) and got an immediate:
…supports XP SP2 & Vista only therefore install cannot proceed"! OK exits install. >:-D :’(
Was this the wrong version? Is there another more general or specifically for “legacy” OS’s?

Just as MS has managed to make it almost impossible to find SP1 or SP1A for download to allow re-installs
(I finally found 1 place (after 30 hours of searching) in a country extension I would never normally visit as just too risky & won’t name to keep MS away), the A/V makers are trying to make real time A/V protection impossible for pre -SP2 OS’s!!
After all, weren’t those 500+ patches meant to make them completely non-functional? LOL (I think)! ;D
Feeling very frustrated about now! :’( Any further help ? Sandy :-\

Sincerest apologies Sandy. As you have discovered, the latest CIS does require SP2.

Now we both know. :’(

Sorry about that.

I’ll dig around and see what I can do for you and send you a PM.

Hang in there - I’ll get back to you shortly.

Ewen :slight_smile:

What’s keeping you from updating XP to SP3?

Thanks very muchly, Ewen. I’ve PM’d you! Sandy :-TU

Hi, EricJH ! Thanks for reply.

Actually, not the common reason. I actually have 2 valid licenses available for this machine & are up-dateable at MS.

No, it’s that I strongly dislike the EULA w/SP2 & beyond ,giving MS “Super Admin” rights on my machine.
The idea of MS or anyone being able to upload/download/install anything on it without my knowledge &/or express consent, & denying any legal recourse for any damages caused…not to mention denying me the option to see what’s in any given folder (+/- me taking ownership)(despite my probably not understanding what’s there) strikes me as the complete opposite of “secure”! >:-D

For years I’ve watched MS set up downloaded updates that, at the very least, contain many parts not applicable to my OS & even worse can make it unstable or non-functional.

This last Patch Tuesday would be just the last example in a very long list:

“If you use Windows XP and haven’t yet updated your system with the applicable security updates that Microsoft issued Tuesday, you might want to hold off for a bit. Turns out, a non-trivial number of XP users are reporting that their systems suffer from the dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) and fall into an interminable reboot loop after installing the latest batch of patches from Redmond.”…

…"According to the support forum threads I’ve seen on this, affected users noticed the problem on the reboot following the installation of Tuesday’s patch batch. The folks who complained of the boot up problem said the BSOD error page is accompanied by the message “PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA”.

More with possible solution in http://www.krebsonsecurity.com/2010/02/new-patches-cause-bsod-for-some-windows-xp-users/ ".

Given that I’m legally responsible for ANYTHING found on my machine…NO Thanks! :-TD :wink: Sandy :a0

Easy peasy Sandy.

Update to SP3 and then set up D+ and the firewall to prevent the OS contacting MS or MS contacting your system. Yet another good reason to use Comodo. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

The mentioned crashes after the last upates are linked to being infected by a rootkit according to Microsoft Update KB977165 triggering widespread BSOD.

With your machine missing the necessary patches you may be more at risk catching those types of infections.