Will CIS 3 -> 4 update import settings?

Exactly what the title says. An update is being promised for 3.x users. Will it migrate the settings too? Also is there a settings manager in CIS 4 like there is in 3?

Is there any way to export the current authorised programs & settings from Comodo v3.14.130099.587 to another folder or device & import intact to v4 or a later version as re-settings the programs from scratch is a pain to do?

Can Comodo v3 with is check for updates option, update from v3 to v4 or does it just update within the 3.xx branch?

Running 64-bit version of comodo 3

Comodo says they will release the “Auto update” for v3 users within a few weeks, so there should be an option to go from v3 to v4.

However, Based on my experience with v4 and v3 i would say if you have time to start clean, start clean.
There have been some major changes made to CIS v4 and depending on the mode you run you can profit from these changes more or less.

For example if you run D+ paranoid all previous “interprocess memory access” entries will be obsolete because the are now covered by COM access.
This means basically a lot of junk in your profiles registry and much slower response to new alerts being written to the reg hive.

If you really use the “default” settings then CIS won’t even create rules anymore for applications it thinks that are safe (Whitelist/Trusted Vendor).
So that will mean less registry rules and faster alert write times.

So if you have the time, clean up the closet and start fresh. If not Comodo say’s it’s supported to upgrade from 3 to 4.
But i wonder what they will do with the settings, like sandbox enabled or disabled on v3 upgrades etc…