Will CB backup any partition types, restore disk questions


This is my first post here. My computers are setup in multi-boot configurations running Win 7 with multiple Linux distros on them (and I use Linux around 99% of the time).

The reviews I’ve read of Comodo Backup seem favorable, and I also see that it’s got some full disk image backup options available.

But, I’m curious if it can handle any partition type without issues (including BTRFS, ZFS, EXT4, etc.) and if it performs a sector by sector backup for partition types that it doesn’t recognize.

IOW, can I trust it to perform a full disk image backup with everything on it in case of drive failure so that I can restore it without needing to partition a new disk and install operating systems on it first.

Another concern is that the the details about creating a restore disk are also a bit “sparse”, as I see a blank page for that option looking at the older Version 3 user guide (even though it’s in the index), and the details I find for searching for restore disk seem to point to Version 3 (versus later Version 4.x versions) specific procedures using BartPE or similar. For example, this page I find when searching for restore disk is marked as Comodo Backup version 3.0 at the top:


The CB product does look interesting, but I’m concerned about it’s ability to backup and restore everything on a disk, and if I’d need to “jump through hoops” creating restore disks for that purpose, or if there is an easy way to do that kind of thing built into newer versions.

I’d also be curious if Comodo plans on offering a Linux version of the product.

I’m currently just using sector by sector disk image backups using ddrescue or dd for the most part, although I’ll sometimes using Clonezilla since it’s fast and compresses and checks backups for me while using less disk space. I use LuckyBackup for individual data (versus disk images). But, I am curious about other options.

Thanks in advance for any responses.



Answers below:

Yes. All types of partitions are supported and yes it performs sector-by-sector backup if the “Disk, partitions and MBR” option is selected. We have just one restriction when restoring: the restore of a backed up disk/partition can only be done to a disk/partition of the same size or bigger.

We simplified the creation of rescue disk in version 4.1
A BETA is available here. As you can see in the 4.1 user guide here, we just added a button “Create Rescue Disk”.

Yes, but we don’t have a time estimation of when it will be available, yet.


Is there any chance that the feature of restoring to a disk smaller than the original disk could be provided in the future? This assumes that the disk image contains data that can fit in the new disk.

As for the opposite, what happens when the new disk is larger? Will the data be restored with partitions that are expanded to include the free space from the new disk?