Will BOClean protect against this threat?[Resolved]

Just wondered; seems to be one of the latest threats…

With so many dual-core machines being sold these days, could this be a problem?


I’ve IM’d Kevin for a more informed response.

No response from Kevin yet, Cat?


Nothing here, I’ll flag your post and see if that gets him a break from the dungeon. :wink:

Sorry guys … things have been insanely busy on my end - read that article a few days ago and about all it got from me was a yawn … sorry about that. Might want to take another look at that article though everybody … the methodology behind it primarily involves UNIX kernel functions where that wrapper method is normally used. Microsoft does do similar, but not in the same way. So while there is a possibility of this concept exploit perhaps appearing in Billyworld, it’s much less likely than on *nix boxes and Macs (which are basically BSD) owing to the way the kernel schedules in a multiprocessor environment.

I’d expect when we see something like this, it would still be reasonably easy to take down, especially where COMODO is taking the technology in the next round of products. But for now, what we have here is more of a “What if Spartacus had a Piper Cub?” :slight_smile:

Thanks Kevin, had just wondered as there seem to be so many dual-core machines being sold these days.

Guess you have to try and be one step ahead of the scammers.


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