will be today available the update [Resolved]

today should be available the update for comodo

will be out today , or is postdated
thanks (R) (R)

It is still slated for a Thursday release.

Ewen :slight_smile:

today is Thursday

Yes, But in America/UK its Early in the morning Thursday. So give it time :slight_smile:


In Australia, it’s nearly Friday. Patience, please.

;D ;D ;D ;D

Yes, But in America/UK its Early in the morning Thursday. So give it time
;D ;D ;D ;D

Patience is a virtue mantra…chill.

the guys are working on the update…
it will take between 3-6 hours all being well…( we do have a lot of procedures we have to follow for any updates as we follow strict policies for compliancy, security etc etc)


that’s a good news

??? uk has my same time zone !!

thursday 10:30pm here and still no update

wait Searinox… better a good product then fast release of a buggy siftware. (:WIN)

unfortunately, we missed the launch window and has been re-scheduled till tomorrow… sorry guys…


Thats ok Melih…but mantra is gonna have his panties in a bunch.

Heys pykko, nice to see ya around these parts! :smiley: I agree, but I was just a lil anxious. Remember I’m on Vista, I don’t have chkdsk issues, but someone I recommended the firewall to has bluescreened out and has removed it until an update to fix the issue is out. And I’m waiting for it for them.

Oh, I see… :wink: Nice to see you too here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you Melih for the heads up. We will wait. :slight_smile:

Since it is now confirmed the update it tomorrow, this thread is now closed. If you need this thread reopened please PM myself or another Mod