Will adding to many programs to my safe list slow down comodo?

i did a full scan of my C:
with nod32 and kaspersky

well can i add my C: to Safe list

could this slow down comodo?


Yes, you can add it to your safelist. NO, if anything it’ll make Comodo Faster. I tend to run Defense+ in Clean PC mode after having done several scans. Might change it to Safe Mode in a few weeks once Comodo learns what I do on my machine daily.

I’ve amended the subject slightly.


I wouldn’t do that cause malware or a virus can attach itself to a known good file. If you told Comodo that everything in your “C” drive is safe then you would not be aware of an infection. I experience no slow downs and no pop ups with Comodo cause all my apps are learned and I have over 200 programs on both my laptop and desktop.

well but comdo mades a safe list of 8mb , comdo should every time consult this file
i guess it could make comodo more slow

I’ve never personally seen any reduction in it’s speed in all the versions of CPF I’ve ever used over teh years.