Will a sandbox reset wipe bookmarks and browser settings?

Will a reset also wipe bookmarks and other things like that?

Yes any settings changes or bookmarks added while virtualized will be lost after reset, unless you add the corresponding bookmarks file and settings file for your particular browser to the virtualize exceptions list.
Example for Firefox here.

What would be the corresponding exclusion for Dragon? I only use the Kiosk for banking and shopping and I don’t want to lose my bookmarks if I have to reset the sandbox.

If you reset it it will refresh to having exactly the same bookmarks as the unvirtualized Dragon does.

Add the Bookmarks file for bookmarks and the Preferences file for settings from the,
C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Comodo\Dragon\User Data\Default folder to the virtualize exceptions list.

Any setting alterations or added bookmarks during virtualized operation would be lost as a result of resetting.
Correct it will not alter any existing bookmarks present before the virtualized session.

When I use Dragon in the Kiosk it has none of the bookmarks that are present in Dragon outside of the Kiosk. None of them are carried over and the same is true of IE9.

Check that, I did a reset and now all the bookmarks from the non sandboxed browsers are present in the Kiosk. They never were before. I wonder why. Even the Home Page works. I have no reason for the exclusion now. ;D

Any bookmarks or settings outside should be carried over.
Something is going astray, but I am not sure what.
Edit: I just noticed your edit, looks OK now.

I amended my post they did get carried over after I did a reset but they were never there before that for some reason.

I am not sure why, it appears something might have been slightly corrupted within.
As long as the issue does not return. :wink: