I was just wondering what y’all thought of the Wilders security forum? Thought it might be interesting… :wink:

Hoping to start a fire are we? Well all flaming/trolling of other forums will soon be guided in the right direction by Mods (rightly so) regardless of how other forums/community folk go about it their own way.

we’re watching… O0

Uhhhh…what? This isn’t flaming or trolling. This was (I thought) an honest question. I go here and to Wilders, I was asking who else did an what they thought about it. Geez, can we maybe lighten up juuuuust a bit? 88)

There`s, well lets just say “a bit of history” going on Watasha.

Like a dont mention the war` kinda thing :wink:

You weren`t to know


Online forums all have their own ways and means of doing things. Most of them are fundamentally OK, but some people do have issues with the control mechanisms and restrictions in place on a couple of them.

If you like them, they’re OK. If you don’t, they’re not.

As with the rest of life, there are clowns in every circus. Whether this is a good thing or not depends solely on whether you feel like laughing or not.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Well I wasn’t aware of all of this. It’s easy to find a “conspiracy” anywhere you look if you want to bad enough but I can assure you all I wanted was you guys’ opinion on another security forum. I do not stir up BS for no reason. >:(


Sorry if my reply seemed to have a abrasive tone to it, but I can safely say this was not the case. It’s just that this is a kind of touchy subject which always seems to get out of hand so to speak, although valid points are raised.

Can’t really comment any further to be honest, I have to adhere to the code you see set out by sister (‘we’re watching you’)ganda!

10-4. If I ever post something “questionable” all anyone’s gotta do is ask me. I’m not a kid, I’ll tell you what I meant. This whole thing just feels a bit childish. Either way, I guess I’ll stay away from the…whatever it is. :-\

If I recall correctly he kept disclosing “the war”.
Kinda thing as you so colorfully present it.

There is nothing in the first post of this thread that legitimizes your response, Sir.

Yes, it is abrasive.

In your opinion (which you are entitled to give), but whether it holds any weight is another matter due to you being less settled in here…

Seems all that can be discussed has, and this is not going any further so this is my last post on this subject.

Have a nice day won’t you :wink:

Your sentence determines your moral standing.

It’s time for preacher to put on somewhere martyr’s crown.

(looking closely to the Absynthe) I guess i start to hear ringing of chains ;D