Wilders Discussion

As was said before,I certainly thank you for your advice.
Considering its source,will a bill be forthcoming,in the mail?

No,DefenceWall and the other Darlings of Wilders,have no need of
their own propaganda.
They have you boys.
Why bark when you keep a dog?

Oh, by the way you pundits have forseen the iminate demise of Comodo for years.
It has not happened.

Just proves your corprate shill laced forum has all of the relevence of the Guild Of London Lamplighters.

Seriously, I usually don’t take sides with this kind of (petty) argument, but I am siding with you hammersmith.

I think if CIS was being developed by only one person, it would get as much love and friendliness as products like DefenseWall get on Wilders. jmonge must be the greatest promoter of any sole product that I’ve ever seen. Any negative (but true and real) comments about DefenseWall seem to get deleted and the user permanently banned.

Also, I got permanently IP banned from the DefenseWall forums for trying to get help from Ilya, and not only that, the administrator Chachazz personally insulted me (by the way, Chachazz is on the “Updates” team on the Wilders forum). Why did I get banned? Well, I was asking questions about how come DefenseWall would label a file as “untrusted”, but when zipped and unzipped, it would come out “trusted”. Furthermore, I was asking whether anyone could confirm that when a file was copied out of the Sandbox (of Sandboxie) and that was labelled “untrusted” by DefenseWall, it became “trusted” when moved on to the real system. These are all potential holes that I’m not sure have been addressed - I’ve just lost all motivation to test DefenseWall properly anymore, as there’s just no way of me to contact Ilya about it. I’ve tested the latest Beta version briefly, and it seems to run well - it’s good software overall in all honesty.

Anyway, sorry for the ramblings. Good luck to Comodo.

Yet people still act like Wilders is able to delver the Imprimatur on all things security.

Maybe for a handful of really specialized,geek target applications,they do have that power.

On a industry wide scale,their effect is negligible.

Otherwise right or wrong, Norton would not have market share,and Comodo would no
longer be standing.
(As they have bad-mouthed both for years.)

Posted at the same time as the Mods post.
Please do as you see fit.

I totally agree with you guys on this. Wilder’s been bashing Comodo since v2.4 … for what? coz they have possibly the BEST all round product and its free. I totally feel its a case of revenue. No-one makes money from promoting CIS, be it them or matousec or anyone else., so they just bash it. pretty stupid. Of course, Melhi’s cowboyism only helps… :a0

Single-developer applications are IMO the most dangerous. Remember what happened with DiamondCS. Its too funny that these people support something just for the sake of it… weird. Its too risky to be running them. That why, personally i am moving away from sandb0x13 to CIS… eventually.

CIS 4… should be very very interesting… :slight_smile: specially the beta. I hope, for Egemen’s sake that they release it after 1st jan… … ;D


Yes Sir,Yes sir!!

And the Ghost Security fiasco,that burnt a lot of our friends on an unnamed forum…

If people are philosophical opposed to freeware,I have no problem.
Come out and say it.

But the mudslinging,i was not raised that way.

Let’s try and keep this thread clean guys… Thanks.


I totally agree. I am all from “a programmers got to eat”… but trust me we are moving (atleast in the internet world) where free is the norm. Think Google. Specially when its such a comprehensive product like CIS. I think their behaviour is a result of Melhi’s attitude. Melhi’s got this devil may care/i’ll do it the way i like it stance which will surely ■■■■ others off. As a consumer i LOVE it. If Comodo was listed id buy its shares and short symantec’s.

Being opposed to freeware just for the sake of it. … it pretty darn crazy. Mudslinging is too funny. You are right, Norton still stands and so does Mcaffee. I doubt is they are going anywhere soon. Mcafee ships with every new Dell in my country. Norton with every HP. Now That! is market share.

I can bet you anything that their most darling product(s) sandboxie (dwall) wont survive beyond 2012… x64 is everywhere. In my country ALL new Dells are x64. Heck everything new is x64.Even if i dont want it. … there is no alternative. x64 default. IMO Comodo scored a HUGE victory by doing work
on that config.

shape up or ship out… :slight_smile:

ps. its funny the treatment (=ignore) 3xist / “dragons forever” gets on wilders. Its pathetic … :P0l

Also, there was definite prejudice by many members at Wilders towards me. For example, I think I went through a phase of posting my security setup in that “What is your security setup these days” thread fairly often - I must have done it about once a week for a while, while I was tweaking my Sandboxie + LUA + SRP + KAFU + SuRuN + Comodo Firewall setup.

I remember getting very cynical replies along the lines of:
“We’ve heard enough of this”
“You have no life”

Seriously, was the negative energy towards me simply because I showed creativity and logical thought process? It took me a long time to reach the “100%” setup that I still use (I haven’t changed it for months), and I bounced a lot of ideas off many knowledgeable folk on Wilders.

Because seriously, take a look at jmonge - he’s posting in that “What is your security setup these days” thread almost every single day! But the difference is that he tends to promote “paid” software, while the only paid software I promoted was Sandboxie (and my goodness does it deserve to be promoted - just a one off payment anyway!). It’s fairly clear that you don’t need to pay annual fees to achieve “100%” protection. Perhaps Wilders are afraid of this mind-set that I seem to promote. If that’s the case, I wonder why?

Anyway, I’ve received many ■■■ from people who reside on the Sandboxie forums and also on these forums (Comodo) and all ■■■ have been very supportive, so thank you very much. To be honest, it’s nice having a bit more spare time up my sleeve now. Before I was banned from Wilders, I was posting about 5-10 posts per day (I think I had a total of over 2800 posts within 18 months). I also spent many many hours tweaking my setup to achieve what I think is the best setup you can get (and it does include Comodo Firewall component!). Seriously, I’ve tried them all - DefenseWall, GeSWall, most AV products, Malware Defender, Prevx etc etc. And when the dust has settled, the winners are clear.

Thanks 3xist for allowing this thread to carry on, and for your supportive comments.


Yes quite true. Well there is a voice crying in the "Wilder"ness.
No,matter,truth is truth and you have spoken it.

(I thank the 64 bit Sandboxie thing will be resolved).

ssj: As I have said before,I and many others owe you.
Your posts (or their reflections,you know what I mean),
Still remain.

ssj100: yes there is knowledge on Wilders,but the hubris serves to cheapen it in the most part.
That is the sad thing.


We don’t need “them” to fail for “us” to succeed.

In the same way that other forums have an opinion of this one, some of us have opinions on other forums.

IMHO it’s just not appropriate to complain about the other forums here.

These facilities are graciously provided by Comodo and these forums should not be used as a vehicle of malice against other forums. If we do, we’re no better than the other forums we’re complaining about.

Remember what they say :

Opinions are like butts.
Everyone’s got one.
Everyone thinks their’s is beautiful.
Rarely should any of them be aired in public.

Please stop.

The last thing we want is for Melih and Paul to get into a slanging match over comments made on one forum or the other.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks for the objective stance there.

To be honest though, I call it as I see it. I feel that I contributed a lot on the Wilders forum (in a mostly positive manner), and I still don’t know what I did to get permanently banned. I was starting to help more and more members with their setups, particularly with Sandboxie. Then suddenly I was sniped out. It would be great if someone could PM one of the moderators or administrators as to why I was banned. It’s not that I care that much - it’s just that I am very very curious haha.

I personally feel that Wilders is a good forum overall. I learned a lot from the many members there, and also had a few good laughs. “Rmus” in particular is a very valuable member on Wilders, and it’s a pity I won’t be able to liase with him anymore.

@ panic : there is no us and no them. I do not represent comodo anymore than you do or i do wilders than you do. I have nothing for or against either, i believe hammersmith and ssj100 share the same philosophy. What we do have is beef with biases. If you ARE biased - say it. I respect that. But dont be hypocritical and say one thing and do another, and thats whats going on there - its a shame. panic you will agree - having an opinion is normal. Having biases is normal. Behaving as if you dont … is not normal. Its disparaging to your audience. :a0

Comodo, honestly, is a SERIOUS piece of software and i mean its one of the BEST defences against nasties out in the Internet. It can hold its own and beat out any paid/un-paid competition. Its a great achievement by any company. My philosophy is give credit where credit is due. Any commendation of Comodo being met with sneers and jeers with loss of objectivity is un-condonable. A great example is a thread which details CIS’s EULA…and how “scary” it is and how you shouldnt install CIS because of privacy concerns… are these people even for real. Its astonishing what limited intelligence dreams up :stuck_out_tongue: >:-D

Panic Said: “Please Stop”


Slangen & SSJ100: Agreed all points.


i agree too. this thread’s run it course.

thank you.

I admire the professionalism of Comodo Mods! Hats off to you guys. While allowing free speech, keeping it respectful is simply amazing!

As to only a handful of individuals who has a problem with me… they are purely, simply and only a handful of guys who simply attack every statement I make. So I am used to it and people do know who they are and they are very much ignored. I will continue executing my strategy of making sure our users are safe by innovating both at technology level as well as business model level!

With tens of millions of people using Comodo and Trusting Comodo, this Train will continue to go full steam ahead!

We care for one thing and one thing, that is to Create Trust Online and create security for our users, for Free!


“Amen Brother.” O0

Panic said:

“Opinions are like butts.
Everyone’s got one.
Everyone thinks their’s is beautiful.
Rarely should any of them be aired in public.”

Exception:Kim Kardashian.

Exception:Megan Gale
Exception:Catharine Zeta Jones

Catharine Zeta Jones++++

Best thing out of Wales since Owain Gwynedd!!

LOL. Best thing out of Wales is the highway heading east.

Only kidding!