Wildcard certificate for IMAP on Exchange 2007

Hi all

I have a problem with a Digital certificate I bought recently. It is a wildcard certificate to replace our previous cybertrust certificate which is expiring in 3 weeks.

I have disabled the exisiting wildcard certificate on one exchange 2007 CAS box, imported the new one, enabled it in Exchange 2007 for IMAP and yet the certificate status is reporting as “invalid”.

Why would this be? I don’t believe I have done anything different than previously.


Have you installed all the certificates that came with the domain certificate?

It might be that the domain certificate is issued from a different root than
the ‘cybertrust’ certificate…which would mean different intermediate certificates.

If you have, then I recommend sumbitting a ticket to support for them to take a look:


Hi Guru

Yes, I have installed all the certs manually. I actually received the full cert chain packaged up, but when this didn’t work I downloaded the individual certs anyway and it is still appearing as invalid.

I have logged a call with support anyhow. Thank you for responding.


Please submit the ticket in the following link