Wikipedia article about Comodo firewall

I would have to agree with that article, why can’t Comodo continue support for the 2.4 firewall.
In essence 2.4 and 3.0 are both complete different firewalls.

Personally 2.4 works for me and I find I prefer the way it works without too much complexity to it.

So comodo, how about treating both firewalls as seperate firewalls and continuing support for not just 3.0 but also 2.4? (:WAV)

what do others think about this idea? :THNK

Well you see, 3.0 is the successor to 2.4, true they are very different, however 3.0 is much more advanced, and when those who use the previous version are comfortable they should upgrade.

i had a small amount of time with V2 and thought it was great, now with V3 i believe it is far superior with its customizing abilities and interface. but being freeware i can see why only one version would continue to be supported (V)

Personally, I would like to see the continue development and support for 2.4.

2.4 is a basic firewall with traffic monitoring and filtering capabilities, it would be nice to see continue signature/application databse support for 2.4, while 3.0 remains the main focus for development for Comodo as the main firewall.

I get the idea of hips and D+ etc, but some of us can manage without such features and stick to 2.4 mainly because 2.4 works as a basic good firewall without compromising and impacting on our computer usage.

a firewall is generally only as good as the user and our ability with it.

On a side note, I did get to use 3.0 for a bit until i needed to reboot and then it began causing my computer untold chaos and made my system unusable since it couldn’t even startup winxp.

but anyway, would be nice for comodo to continue support for 2.4 as an entry firewall, especially when 3.0 has alot of major issues to be ironed out, but also because 3.0 is a firewall that might not be for all, since its quite complex for most users.

just my 2 cents worth (V)

I feel 2 had many advantges over 3. Yet there are things i like in 3. Apart from it being a better piece of software, it does appear more customisable. On saying that, Defense+ seems good on paper but just problem after problem in reality. Such as “not a valid win32 app”. And millions of dammed pop-ups! The solution is to add everything to trusted. But that just spoils the whole point of it. Also, popup settings are changable but still. Anyways, I turned Defense+ off. No popups, and no extra resources used, and no problems.

I’ve just installed Comodo firewall yesterday.
When you first install it, it allow you to choose between basic firewall and firewall with hips.
If this choice is well done, then you should see zero impact when defense+ is disabled.
(If this last sentence is not true … then maybe developing a version 3 with such a behavior might be a better way to go than supporting 2.4)

Then it’s just a matter of visual appearance … did you know that 3.0 will be skin-able ?

Btw …
I’m really surprise on how d+ configure itself.
Alot of effort have been made to make that hips technology mainstream and accessible.

Hi, (:WAV)

I uninstalled 2.4 and installed ver 3.0 back yesterday. 2.4 was good but so is 3.0 and i don’t know much about defense+ and what all other significant features of 3.0 but its working well on my system now :slight_smile:

only 1 issue I am having is that when I restart my computer the next bootup the PC lockups during loading of the desktop and system startup processes ie tasbar startup programs.
then I have to do a mnaual reset of the computer and then it loads correctly without locking up.

I think I know what the problem is though and that is during shutdown or reboot of the system, CFP 3.0 pops up a defense+ pop up windo trying to learn the shutdown thing.

that does seem to be the issue cos thats the exact scenario thats keeps happening. So Melih i think thats one bug i can report to you and I am sure it must be causing the same problem for some or many others.

Hi Guys,

We are still supporting 2.4 guys. The old mode of the operation(simple like 2.4) will be there as “Anti-leak Mode” and “Gateway Mode” soon.

Thats why until we provide those modes, 2.4 will be available for download…

Hope this hlps,