WiFi Help

I have 4MBPS Broadband Cable Connection.
Belkin Wireless Router G

My connection is direct connection i.e no modem/router i.e the internet cord with RJ45 connects directly to laptop socket.
When I need WiFi I use my router.

WiFi was working fine.

2 days back RJ45 was broke so I asked my provider to change it. After the change WiFi is not working.

The thing I noticed is that before RJ45 broke my direct connection was working with “Auto Negotiation” i.e LAN Card Properties - Configure - Advanced - Speed & Duplex was set to “Auto Negotiation”.
When the service provider changed RJ45, direct connection - internet was not working with “Auto Negotiation” so he set speed & Duplex to 10MBPS Full Duplex & it started working, but WiFi was not working. I tried resetting router to factory defaults & setup the router again but still WiFi internet is not working.

I saw that before attaching RJ45, the service provider joined the tiny wires that RJ45 has. Can wrong joining of wires lead to WiFi internet prob?

I dont know why WiFi is not working now.
Any info/solution?

Win 7 64
Windows FW Defaults

Anyone here plzz?

Did you test if you can connect to the web through the router with your laptop hooked up with a wire? That is to see if the router is completely to blame or only the wireless part of the router.