Wierd program with a blank name trying to launch

Hi ya’ll, been having Comodo blocking a program that has no name for a couple of days now. Comodo pops up with this message:

" could not be recognized and it is about to access the screen directly." Along with a lot of stuff after that about bitmaps and screen shots. No file name is listed at the beginning, or under the little icons in the middle of the screen.

The only thing I’ve found related to it so far is a couple of things in msconfig that have blank names and a blank command line. I’d really like to know if this is a safe program, and not something trying to pass itself off as one. Any help with be appreciated.

Can you post a screen shot? Have you run a full spyware and virus scan?

Thank you for replying so fast. Avg didn’t turn up anything last night, and spybot’s running right now.

Took me a bit to figure out how to do a screenshot, but hopefully it’ll work this time.

Couldn’t get the Comodo screen to pop up again, but here’s the one for msconfig.

Ok, got it to pop up again and edited it into my post, hope it helps.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Those blank items in msconfig are normal when you uninstall something that is on auto start up. Use Msconfig Clean up to fox that. http://www.get-in-control.com/msconfig-cleanup/
If you block it and look in your logs do you get a better explanation. Have you tried running Hijack this to see if there is anything odd running? Dont use Spybot use SuperAntiSpyware or Malware Bytes. I think awhile back there was a similar post. Try search for it.

Looks like I messed something up and reset the entire firewall, it’s asking me to approve everything again, but the blank message went away, so I guess it’s fixed.

Thanks for all your help.

If you doubt your install of Comodo simply uninstall and reinstall it.