Wierd popup

I was browsing the web using IE6 and when I clicked on one of my Favorite links I got the popup I attached.

It references WINRAR which I was not using at the time. It so happens that maybe an hour before this popup I installed a new version of WINRAR. After the install I sent into WINRAR and there were no popups. WINRAR as far as I can tell doesn’t try to make any Internet connections. There is no auto update feature either.

I left the popup on screen without replying to it and after about 20 seconds it went away all by itself. While the popup was on screen I could still browse in IE.

Why did I get the popup? Was it a delayed popup when I installed WINRAR?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Here’s the log file for this problem. I changed the extension to txt (from HTM) so I could attach it. The first two entries describe this problem.

Also notice the UDP floods I got. I get this when playing online games. I think I might get these when I obtain the games server/user list. Not quite sure on this one. If this is the case, is there any way NOT to get these entries for my games?

[attachment deleted by admin]