width of alertbox is insufficient to see the path and filename of suspected malw

i configured comodo to detect on access. i was not scanning with comodo. i was scanning with another virus scanner clamwin. while clamwin was scanning, clamwin creates temporary directories and expands compressed files in it and then scans. then it deletes. if it finds a virus, it records and at the end of scanning it shows the threats for taking action. with this background, while clamwin was scanning, comodo occasionally gives a virus alert pertaining to the files being accessed by clamwin but the alert box is unable to show the full path for me to take an informed decision and since clamwin was used to scan after earlier scanning by comodo was finished and comodo did not find any threats, i am compelled to ignore the alerts of comodo when clamwin was scanning.

i hope you understood the problem clearly now. now what is required to augment the comodo scanner is the ability to see the full path of the suspected threat in the ALERT BOX itself so that the user can actually take an informed decision or even open the path using explorer and recheck with comodo later. it will be useful to augment an additional display of full path, at least when the mouse hovers. it is quite possible that the threat file under question may have a path of 8 or more folders deep and cannot be directly displayed in one line.
i hope you have understood the problem, which if remedied will help all users. this can only be done by your software developers to whom you should forward this mail