Thank you for being the most awesome internet security company !

I like your widget a lot and it is the only thing that I ever allow on my desktop :slight_smile:
a) to show whether my PC is safe
b) to tell me if there is any traffic activity and
c) for a virtual version of my favorite browser

If possible, I would love to have it in the ‘closed’ state - showing the green (or red) stripe only with the up/download speeds on either side of the word secure or maybe on either side of the little arrow that opens/closes the virtual browser icon list (I don’t use the other stuff).

That way I can always see that I am secure AND if any traffic activity is going on. Happy days.


Hi perin,
Right click the widget or tray icon and hover over the word ‘Widget’, from there you can select which panes you would like the widget to show.
Also clicking the arrow at the bottom of the widget collapses or expands it.
The Widget-Comodo Help

Kind regards.