widget position on desktop remembered

it would be nice if the CIS widget after system restart would be in the same position on the desktop where i placed it before. now it’s always in the top right corner and i have to move it where i want to have it. 88)

ps: i didn’t find the yes/no poll option, sorry
ps2: i wanted to post that in wishlist, and cannot delete it here

Hi raggansta,
I have added a poll for you, I hope that is OK?
I voted yes. :-TU

thank you for adding the poll and the shifting of the thread to the correct forum. please tell me how to add a poll.

You are welcome.
For a New Poll the New Poll button is next to the New Topic button.
The Add Poll button is at the bottom of any open page of a topic opened by you (Own topic).
Edit: wasgij6 did the moving.

One of the biggest issue with the widget I have is with screen resolution changes, even updating my graphic drivers causes the widget to end up almost in middle of the screen, playing a game means constantly moving widget back to were I want and need it, I hope Comodo devs can fix this :frowning:

I need a ‘sometimes’ option. Now and again it forgets where I had the widget and puts it in the top right corner.

The widget is good, but will be better if you can change the width so the comodo widget can fit with the other windows 7 widget, compare to windows 7 gadget it’s too large :-TD

What i dont like about the widget is that it shows up with the other windows when using “alt + shift” to change between windows.

Well that’s not right, sound like an issue. Report the bug.

with the new version 6.2.282872.2847 the position of the widget and even the position of the scan window are remembered;
thank you :slight_smile:
it helps as one doesn’t have to shift them after every restart.

Also seems to be remembered even after playing games! :-TU

hmm, today it was near the top right corner after logging in, i dragged it where i used to have it, and after a game it was again near the top right corner… ???