Widget browser shortcuts

Very sorry if this has already been brought up … I’m sure it must have been but I’ve browsed quite a lot of the thread and can’t find it. So anyway;

Please, give us the ability to add/remove our own shortcuts to the Browsers section of the widget.

I use portable browsers and it really annoys me that I can’t add them to the widget for when I want to run them sandboxed. I know there are several alternative ways to run them sandboxed, but I want them on my widget please!

Considering that my main browser is Ice Dragon portable, this does seem like a bit of an oversight on Comodo’s part.

Thank you.

Good idea, please add a poll.
The add poll function is near the bottom of the page.

Thank you.

I’ll second Sicknero’s suggestion. But I can’t find a poll or an add poll option anywhere captainsticks.

Good idea. :-TU

A bit of searching has told me that I see no add poll button because I am not allowed to add a poll. I just get a mark as read button instead. So someone whose been here longer and has add poll privileges will need to do this. I do think a poll for this is a great idea.

Hi marcsayer,
Only opening posters, Staff (Maybe) or Mods have the add poll function.
I will give the opening poster the opportunity to add a poll. :slight_smile:


Thanks Captain, poll added.

Thank you Sicknero, voted. :-TU