Widget browser panel's not showing

Browser panel on the widget is just blank. There’s nothing. I’ve uninstalled CIS (v8) and manually removed all files and registry keys but it didn’t help. What’s going on? Also, can this “glitch” affect the performance and protection of CIS in any possible away aside from being unable to run browsers in the sandbox?

No ideas at all?

It won’t affect your security. You can still start a browser in the sandbox: Run An Application In A Sandbox, Sandbox Computer Security | Internet Security . Also make sure to let it make a desktop shortcut for you.

When you clean installed did you follow follow Most Effective Way to Reinstall CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems by my colleague Chiron? It will provide a reliable and clean starting point.

I actually just also got this, have you installed EMET, Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit or HitmanPro Alert recently?

I actually did install MBAE prior to the installation of CIS, but I uninstalled it before the aforementioned reinstallation that didn’t help.

OK, just wondering because when I installed those three I got the same issue but it went away after I uninstalled them.

If on Windows 7 please install Windows KB 3024777 update. It removes broken update KB 3004394 that was released this week. See if that makes a difference in your situation.

Nope, still nothing.

Are you using a product like Windows Blinds or others that change how Windows looks?

The answer is once again no.

Do you have other security programs installed that run in the background alongside CIS? Other than that I can only ask to reinstall with Chiron’s guide and see if the problem persists. If it persists then all I can do is ask to consider filing a bug report on this.

I do have MBAM installed, but since it’s a free version it’s not running in the backrougnd. I followed Chiron’s guide during the process.

Then I am out of ideas what could be interfering and all I can ask to consider filing a bug report.