Widget always shows At Risk or Needs Attention on boot up

I have XP SP3 with Comodo v 7.0.317799.4142, database Version 19678.
When I boot up, the widget nearly always shows At Risk or Needs Attention. I know I can deal with this by clicking on Fix it, but this problem never used to happen. The system always booted up with Secure in the widget.
I have also found that by doing nothing, the problem corrects its self in about 10 minutes.
Is this nowadays normal behaviour? Am I protected during this time?
If not, perhaps I need to change some settings?
If so, could someone please advise?


What is wrong according to the message?

Sorry if I did not explain clearly.
A few months ago, when the system booted up, the widget always showed Secure.
Recently, on boot up, the widget almost always shows At Risk or Needs Attention.

I was asking whether this is normal behaviour or not.

I expect it to be Secure when it boots up rather than 10 minutes later.

When you open the main screen can you see what is being reported being the problem?

The message reads as follows:
The virus signature database is NOT up-to-date.

It should not happen if you use your computer every day.

The 10 minute delay would be approximately the time it takes to update the virus database.

It hasn’t happened in the last 2 bootups! I do use the computer every day.
It looks like it is normal behaviour.
Anyway, I am happy now and thanks for your support.