Wich Woman do you love?

There is only you

- YouTube

i love my mother lol.
after all if it wasnt for her i wouldnt be here now hehe.

I do have a special liking for mariah carey too.
■■■■ she is flaming red hot haha.

Love? I would have to say none

I wanted to know about the women you love, not some big ■■■■■■■ calender caricatures.

I would not have posted if it was not so.

Do you realize that i was not joking but you speak about her in such way?

SS26 & SG65…I’ve never noticed the difference between your names. I just now realized you are different. 88)

So…it was love at first sight via a video? Lol


I respect that. But I would like to hear of a real girl.

By the way Laser; what’s your fancy?

The reality is it depends…

It depends on:

1)how drunk you are
2)When you had sex last time

Both affect the level of woman you go for :slight_smile: …(come on guys…you know its true :wink: )…

Disclaimer: Of course none of the above applies to Married men…

Why Melih?

  1. Married men can be drunk … sometimes
  2. Married men can have sex … who knows when though 88) and …probably “last time” … but still ;D


I just like the pictures. 88)

In the past even i time to time confused SG65 with myself: i looked at the post and thought kinda “wait a minute… i haven’t wrote this ??? wtf?!”

Nope :slight_smile: That video i like best (i watched ~10 of them) and consider it the most successful and nice and background song is not bad (though i hardly understand what it is 'bout :P).

:-\ She is …And what do you imply by “real girl”?

Obviously not all of them are honest husbands (:AGL)