Wich is more important..???

Hi again everybody , How are you…??

I have this little concern about my comodo firewall and would like to ask if this is right…

Now if you could try to follow along with me i’ll try to explain this the best i can…

Open your firewall and click on the Activity tab, Notice all ( the number ) of the apps that you have allowed access to the net, Now go up to the application monitor tab, Click on it, Notice that you’ve got basicaly all of the same things here too just almost twice as many…???

OK OK , The reason why i bring this up is that i’ve got Firefox.exe , ashweb.exe and googledesktopcrawl.exe like some 5-6 times each in the applications screen , but only like maybe 2 - 3 times a piece under the activity screen.

Applications Screen
Firefox.exe = 5 - 6 times
Ashweb.exe = 4 - 5 times ( my AV program updater )
Googledesktopcrawl.exe = 4 - 5 times

Is this normal activity…?? I can problably understand the firefox thing because thats my browser i use , I just don’t know if it should be showing all that many…

Why do the applications that show up in the activity screen a few times show up a whole lot more in the applications screen.?? There’s an awful lot of IN’s and OUT’s in the apps one for the very few things that i have in the activity screen…?! Odd.!

??? :o

Hi and welcome,

The activity screen only shows what apps. are activeley accessing and using the internet.

The application monitor tab is a list of all the apps. you have blocked and/or allowed.


Hi Mike.

So then why do so many things show up in the applications screen…??? I mean as of right now Firefox.exe shows up like 8 times in there…

Each entry is from when you had a popup from that application. So you have entries for invisible connection attempts, first time connections etc.


So then it’s no big deal.?? I freakin out over nothing… ;D

Yes, pretty much ;D CPF is working as it should :wink:


Hey Jason,

Although the application monitor window can look a bit daunting when it fills up with multiple entries, take the time to have a good look at the detail of each entry. CPF does a great job of telling you what is or isn’t allowed and why. Understanding what is in this list can teach you quite a bit about what CPF is doing and this can give you a better understanding of what CPF’s pop-ups mean, allowing you to make a more informed decision about what happens on your PC.

The great long list is testimony to CPF’s thoroughness and integrity.

Ewen :slight_smile:
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One of the things I added to the WishList was to have the Items under “Application Monitor” and under “Activity/Connections” listed only Once and a Plus (+) sign next to the item that you could click to expand and see all the connections that program was making. Think it would make things a little easier to understand.

I’ve noticed that , It does do a preaty good job of letting you know whats going on… ;D

Thanks Panic… :wink:

Just a off the cuff question, are you Australian because of the OI OI OI

I would have thought that the Aussie flag was a bit more of a giveaway! :smiley: Yep, green and gold through and through. I live in western Sydney. I take it you’re from Qld, since you want a Comodo office there. :smiley:

Who’s your tip for the next State of Origin? Cane toad or cockroach?

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Cane toads - hands down. The others who read this post will be wondering whether we are a couple of nutters talking about roaches and toads. It’ll be interesting who comments.

Only a Queenslander could love a cane toad! LOL If Queensland’s so good, how come even the cane toads are leaving for NSW? Hmmmm?

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