wi-fi adapter get disconnected, only when starting some applications

don’t know if anyone can help: I get my wi-fi adapter disconnected when I start some apps. Don’t get me wrong, my router remains properly connected to the internet. I noticed a while ago that wi-fi was lost when running some (may be) resource intensive scans, like anti-virus or anti-spy, well the wi-fi connection automatically restarted when the scan was over, so I did not care that much. But for a few days I realized that I get the same issue when starting online games, I get disconnected with no reason that I can find, once again my router remains connected. I’ve tried deactivating my firewalls (software and router’s firewall), but nothing changes. ok, thanks, in case anyone has ever had the same issue. I mean how can a wi-fi connection be stopped just because a program starts? :THNK

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I have not used the wi-fi and have not faced such problem.
I there may be multiple scannig of files between Antivirus and AntiSpyware. You can try to disable Antispyware or AntiVirus or both real time protection and check wheather it fixes.


thanks for your reply, but I’ve already tried this, disabling real time shields from security software when launching a game. i mean disabling all of them. Nevertheless when I launch an online game like bf2, I get disconnected and reconnected, because my wi-fi adapter disconnects ( my router keeps connected to the internet). I think that I might need to use another wi-fi adapter.


Do you have the latest drivers for the adapter? This might be a known issue that has been fixed?

Hi Rotty,
yes. I’m afraid I do have the latest drivers for this adapter; they’re from 2005 and there aren’t new ones. For the same reason I’ve had to stop the testing of Vista RC1, because these drivers were totaly unsupported by Vista. Hope they (Sagem) finaly provide new drivers after the release of the final version of Vista in 3 weeks. They will have to I suppose, otherwise they’ll get into big troubles with their customers. Unfortunately I cannot switch back to an ethernet cable connection, cause I also have TV through ADSL. The TV decoder must be connected to the router (with ethernet cable) in another part of my house, far from the computer.
Which sadly means that I have no choice at the moment but use this wi-fi adapter on the pc.

                          that's it for now

I don’t update drivers unless i have a problem (I’m running mine from 2001 LOL ), so i thought you might be the same as me (-: .

Have you checked event viewer?

no, not yet, but that’s a good idea, I just found that:can’t tell if it’s related. I’ll check the viewer again next time my wi-fi adapter messes up.

Event Type: Error
Event Source: ipnathlp
Event Category: None
Event ID: 32003
Date: 1/6/2007
Time: 12:14:50 PM
User: N/A
Computer: xxxxxx
The Network Address Translator (NAT) was unable to request an operation of the kernel-mode translation module. This may indicate misconfiguration, insufficient resources, or an internal error. The data is the error code.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at Microsoft Support.
0000: 1f 00 00 00 …

adding: I found the same type of event many times in the system viewer list.

Tad late at the moment, look into the problem in more detail tomorrow, got some info though:



thanks Rotty, I’ll check the links.