This is to wasgij6. Why did you move my topic to another area when it wasn’t even answered. I went to the site that you put my comments in, and the site can’t even load.
I hope you don’t treat all of Comodo’s customers the same way. After all they are Comodo’s customers and not anyone elses.
Sven >:(

i moved it cause it you were asking for help with defense +. this is not the appropriate thread to ask for help, i just checked the link and its working fine.

BTW: a question doesnt have to be answered for us mods to move it. We move it so it is seen by the appropriate people and they will answer.

I will confirm this as the appropriate action to take.
Thread locked.

It was a help question about D+ and was moved righteously to the D+ help board.

In that board you will find a related topic Defense+ is sandboxing WerFault.exe (Windows 7) again.

For future and general reference I would like to point to How to appeal against Moderators decisions:

Topic locked Jon beat me to it… :smiley: